DELIVERY/ DURATION: 1 full day/2 x ½ days in-person or 4 interactive webinars


  • Calmer and more confident employees

  • Enhanced wellbeing and stress resilience

  • Improved creativity and performance

  • More effective communication and interpersonal skills

  • Increased engagement and reduced absenteeism 


This highly interactive workshop shares the knowledge and skills to support the diverse needs of modern families. We translate decades of findings from neuroscience and psychology into practical tools that can be used immediately to create calm and confident lives at work and at home.



All parents and carers and prospective parents and carers



Session 1 Calmness: Understanding what calm is neurobiologically, awareness of the signs of calm and not calm; and techniques to cultivate calm for yourself and your child.


Session 2 Compassion: Recognising what takes you and your child away from calm, identifying stressors especially the hidden ones, techniques to reduce and manage stress for yourself and your child.


Session 3 Communication: Developing an awareness of communication channels; understanding the impact of non-verbal communication, utilising the power of language and techniques on how to communicate mindfully.


Session 4 Confidence: Practical skills to understand and optimise mindset, boost self-esteem and enhance stress resilience.




  • Recognise the difference between stress behaviour and misbehaviour

  • Be able to identify stressors and manage them in helpful ways

  • Use a range of practical techniques to reset the nervous system and feel calm

  • Be able to communicate mindfully with a greater awareness of non-verbal signals

  • Use a range of tangible skills to boost confidence